Sweet Feet

 Being a girl mom makes you (naturally) obsessed with cute clothes and accessories and one thing I've always loved but had a hard time finding is fun, thigh-high socks for kids! When Sadie was a baby I came across some solid colors at a big name retailer but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. Now that I have Lenni to dress up there are definitely more options out there but few are as cute and none as functional as Socklings!
Seriously guys, these socks are amazing! Not only do they come in super fun prints (for boys and girls) BUT they're one size fits all. For real. That means your kiddo won't grow out of them, you can share them between siblings or even borrow them for yourself! They can be worn as thigh-highs, knee highs or even crew socks, depending on how much you want to pull them up or scrunch them and they won't slip down or fall off, no matter how they're worn. What I love even more is that they're 100% American made and are the product of a hard working and determined mama, just like you and I. 
The ultimate goal of Socklings is, for every pair of socks purchased, be able to give a pair to a child with a disability. Conditions such as Rhett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hip Displaysia, etc. can require that children not only be in the hospital for extended stays but also wear leg braces and other medical devices that can pinch or chafe their skin...not only would a pair of fun socks totally brighten their day and keep those precious toes warm, but they would also protect their legs and offer some additoinal comfort. How awesome is that?
You can hop over to their website HERE to take a peek at all of the current styles (new fall prints are dropping soon...eek!) and sign up for their newsletter to receive 15% off your first order...their Instagram account is lots of fun, too and a great one to follow! There also might be a really fun upcoming collab that I helped coordinate to be on the lookout for!
Just wanted to share the love of a really great product, brand and mission, in the interest of making your kids feet the cutest around! I think you'll love these as much as we do!

Shop Talk // Mid-Summer Release!

There's a mid-summer collection hitting the shop today that I'm really excited about! I figured it was high time I get back to work after my "maternity leave" and wanted to do a little something fun before fall rolls around. Here's a peek into what you can find on the website:
And one more because I finally have my very own baby headband model ;-)
You can find the full mid-summer collection HERE.

Happy almost Friday, friends!

Lenni Pearl // Two Months

Another month has come and gone, our sweet girl keeps getting bigger and I can't believe how fast time is flying by! She's the sweetest, snuggly-est baby and I wish I could bottle these days up and keep them forever. She's the definition of a mama's girl, loves to smile, thinks fart noises are hilarious, sleeps like a rockstar and still hates her carseat ;-)
When I say she's a mama's girl, what I really mean is that she's a stage 5 clinger...but I secretly don't mind one bit. She's generally very content during the day and naps really well but doesn't want anyone holding her (including her daddy) except mama. Her smile melts everyone...nobody can resist those sweet eyes and dimples! She's starting to get interested in toys, loves her nightly bath and spending time outside.
As soon as she turned a month old, she started sleeping longer stretches at night and went from 3-4 hours to 5-6 hours. By the time she turned 8 weeks, she was consistently doing a 7-8 hour stretch and now that she's 9 weeks she continues to do so. She's typically down for the night around 9pm and wakes up at 5am to eat and then goes back down until 7-8am. Bless her. I still have her sleeping next to my side of the bed because I'm just not ready to move her farther away yet, though she would just be across our bedroom. She sleeps in her dockatot that I put in her cradle and it works great! We pretty much just wing naps and she sleeps wherever- sometimes the bouncy seat, sometimes the swing and sometimes in her moses basket. I probably should start taking her back in the bedroom for more constant naps but, so far, our routine (or lack there of) seems to be working for all of us. I remember trying to keep Sadie on a fairly consistent nap schedule and had her taking all of her naps in her crib by now...maybe it's because I know I don't have to go back to work or worry about Lenni being on a pretty consistent schedule for someone else, but I'm a whole lot more laid back this time around!

Stat's from her 2 month checkup:

Weight: 11 pounds 1 ounce
Length: 23 1/4 inches

We've sort of unofficially moved her into size 2 diapers...1's still fit but for some reason we have an abundance of size 2's so we gave them a try and haven't had any leaks so we've started using those rather than buying any more! As for clothing, size 0-3 months fits her well, although I can still get her in a few of her newborn pieces that I'm just not ready to give up yet. Her hair is still dark and as gotten thicker and longer and her eyes are still blue, although they're a bit darker than Sadie's.
It sounds so cliche but I really can't believe she's ours or that we're now a family of 4!  It feels like she was our missing piece and I've never been happier than I am these days...I'm definitely busier and have my hands full, but I've never been happier. Sadie just adores her and she melts her daddy's heart, even though she rarely lets him hold her ;-) We'll pretty much do anything to make her smile and the 3 of us can often be found standing over her making silly noises just to see those dimples and that gummy grin.
Thank you for making our lives sweeter, Lenni Pearl. You are so, so loved!

Lenni's Birth Video

Along with getting amazing photos the day Lenni was born, my sweet friend Aubrey also made a video. Warning: her birth videos always start the waterworks! She has such talent for capturing all of the emotions and special moments from days like this. It's something I'll cherish forever!

Lenni's birth from Aubrey Proctor on Vimeo.

If you missed the photos from the day you can find them here.

4th of July

We celebrated our first holiday with Lenni and, of course, couldn't let the occasion go without getting a few photos of our sweet little sister duo!

I've been under the weather with what seems to be allergies (though I never usually have allergy problems) so we kept things pretty low key over the weekend...we had some friends & their kids over for a cookout Sunday and had the best time and then threw some steaks on the grill and celebrated Monday with my mom. Her homemade mac & cheese + our leftover sides from Sunday made for a super easy meal before fireworks! 
Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

My Favorite Bathing Suit + A Few Summer Favorites

I don't know about you, but I struggle a bit to find the perfect swimsuit each summer. I'm 34 and a mama of 2 and I feel like I might be getting a little too old for a bikini but, on the other hand, a one piece just makes me feel old. Does that even make sense? I always try to find something that's cute, age appropriate and in a style that won't slip down ( or up or sideways) and show a little too much while a 4 year old is hanging off of me in a pool.
And lets not even get started on the fact that I had a baby 6 weeks ago and just got the go-ahead to start exercising again after my c-section or that my boobs have taken on their own zip code and require their own consideration when it comes to tops. I feel like I hit the perfect mama bathing suit jackpot a few weeks ago when I found  this this flyaway tankini top and bottoms. They're both really flattering, the pattern is super cute and the flowy top with the open back is way more fun than a regular 'ole tankini top. The cherry on top is that I found them for half price and the whole suit is under $65. I also love that the same pattern comes in a variety of tops styles so you can totally grab a second one to go with the bottoms and get a whole other look.

While I'm at it, I thought I would also share a few other of my summer favorites...like this beach radio, which I've had for going on 3 years and couldn't love more! It has a jack for your iPod so you can listen to your favorite playlist and not worry about water, sand or a crazy kid doing any damage. Plus the sound quality is really good for the size and price. Sadie and I use it year 'round and always take it outside with us when we head out to play in the summertime. I also recently picked up these sandals and these too...both are such a steal and I get so many compliments every time I wear them!

Do you guys have any current "mama approved" favorites for yourself? How about bathing suits...are you a one piece kinda gal or do you still rock a bikini? I'd love to hear!


Lenni Pearl // One Month

Now that we've had several weeks with Miss Lenni, I thought it was time for her one month update! I'll just go right on ahead and sound like every other mama on the planet and say that I seriously cannot believe she's already over a month old. On one hand, it feels like just a few days ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital and on the other, it seems like she's been a part of our family forever. She's growing and changing so fast and I'm just here trying to soak it all in and wishing she could stay this tiny forever...
She's still spending most of her days eating and sleeping, although she's definitely awake and alert more and more each day. I'm breastfeeding her and it's been going really well...the first few weeks felt like a breeze compared to my experience with Sadie and, by the 2 week mark, we really seemed to find our groove. She's been a great eater from the get-go and I've been a lot more laid back this time around, just going with the flow and feeding her when she's hungry rather than keeping an eye on the clock and obsessing over how much she eats at each feeding. We started a nightly bath time routine (which she loves) and around 9pm, she's down for the night and sleeping great! For her entire first month she typically woke up around midnight to eat and then again at 3-4:00 am and then went back down until 7-8:00 am. Daytime naps vary from nice long stretches of sleep to shorter cat naps...mostly dependent on how loud her big sister is and whether or not said sister decides to intentionally wake her up because "she's just so cute!"

She LOVES to be held, especially by me. She'll sleep the entire day away if she's being held and her favorite place to be is snuggled up against my chest. We both love the Solly and I've been using it almost daily with her. She also loves her Dockatot and sleeps really great in it and (for whatever reason) really enjoys just laying on her back on the living room floor where she can look around and just hang out for short periods of time. She despises being in her car seat unless it's in the car and the car is moving and hates to feel the A/C blowing on her. Even if she's in a deep sleep, she usually grunts and grown anytime she feels it blowing on her...she likes to be cozy and warm at all times!

Stats from her 1 month checkup:

Weight: 9 pounds 15 ounces
Length: 23 inches

We moved her to size 1 diapers and as far as clothes, at 1 month newborn sizes were still fitting but starting to get a tad snug and 0-3 month was a little loose. If I remember correctly, Sadie was in newborn stuff until she was around 6 weeks old. So far she's keeping her dark hair and it's grown a bit longer and thicker, which is so fun because Sadie lost every piece of hers by 3-4 weeks and it took foreverrrrrr to grow back! Her eyes seem to be getting lighter and more blue and it's really looking like we've got another blue-eyed girl on our hands. Overall, she's a dreamy, breeze of a baby and we couldn't love her more! Everyone keeps telling me that she gives them baby fever and, honestly, she's given me baby fever from the get-go because she's just that sweet!
Happy one month, sweet Lenni Pearl. You're adored more than you know and each day we get to spend with you is a true blessing. We couldn't love you more!